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My Short Biography

gama Hernandez

Gama Hernandez graduated in 2008 from California State University, Dominguez Hills with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Digital Media Arts: Audio Recording and Digital Graphics.  During his time as a student, Gama was hired as a contractor at NASA/Jet Propulsion Laboratory’s Television Operations Office in Pasadena, Ca.  His technical position exposed Gama to the experience of collaborating and working alongside with talented and known scientists, astronauts and celebrities that support the space and science communities through education, television and film.  Other opportunities have allowed Gama in becoming an audio recording engineer, audio technology consultant, technical specialist, camera operator, music composer and musician, web and graphics designer.  Gama’s concept of learning and knowing is to become a sponge of information—knowing little of everything becomes very useful in unexpected opportunities in one’s career advancement.